I believe God makes more effort to reach us and bless us than we do to draw near and receive from Him. He who spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things. God is reaching out to us all the time.

He is not withholding we are the ones not beholding. We need revelation knowledge and prophetic vision and we can receive these and more if we are willing to pay the price. God wants to administer our lives in a new way this coming year, we must allow Him to refocus our vision and reorganise our future. Only the unwise make assumptions about God. Although salvation is free we must remember it cost God everything but it does not make God cheap. Those who walk with God, make time for Him, they prepare a place for His habitation in their hearts and pay the cost of relationship, they carry a daily cross. We need the grace to maintain focus and draw near. It brings readily to mind God’s instruction to Moses when he brought Israel out of Egypt to Mount Sinai “Go to the people and sanctify them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their clothes, and be ready against the third day … come not at your wives” Exodus 19:10-11, 15. It makes sense to prepare to fellowship with God, hardly will anyone go casually into the presence of the president of a country or any dignitary without understanding protocol and desiring to be right.

When Moses was first invited up the Sinai to meet God, he was there for the first six days and God was silent, I believe those were days of preparation and sanctification for Moses. We need preparation so that the future can snap into place. The twenty-third psalm is one of my favourites in the bible and it seems so sequential to me. We must accept the shepherds’ authority before he can make us lie down, lead us and restore us in paths of righteousness. This is because a table has been prepared for us, when we are nourished in Him and our soul is restored for His name’s sake, the valley of the shadow of death becomes a playground we skip through; a place where we gain strength to focus on the table He has prepared for us instead of the distractions of the enemy.

There will always be enemies and challenges but through preparation, God can guide us with His rod and staff and show us who to walk with and who to serve and submit to for heaven to remain open over our lives. This is not a time to be isolated, as we build the church of Jesus with Him, we must also release the kingdom in us and align with other Christians. We must find our place to build together with others and God will make our gifts connect functionally and territorially to build the future. Our preparation has the potential to release generational breakthroughs. As we prepare we must also expect to experience the new. God never fails to fill new wineskins with new wine. God promises to draw near to us as we draw near to Him so let us expect to enter into a new season of God’s fullness. Yes, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and He wants us to experience all the fullness in His heart. However, there is one condition. We must be ready for war. This war is a war of worship for the portals of heaven to open up and for inheritances to be released. This war is a war of worship – who we worship and how we worship. Only true worship will create a new season, a new environment and define our future. We continue our journey into His presence tonight pray along with us.

PRAYER Revelation 5:1-10 Ask the Lord to break the seals and release a new anointing in your life for praise and worship, ask for an insatiable hunger in your spirit for His presence. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see your condition, to see the reality of where you are and where God wants you to be.