Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the Lord at all times …We are to bless the Lord at all times but for it to please Him, it must be with our whole heart, not lip service but with reverence and love towards God. God places more emphasis on the attitude of our heart in our relationship with Him.

When our praise is word-based certain things happen: It will keep you in the spirit between when you pray and when the answer comes because you are not supposed to relax your faith. Praise God for His promises on which you based your prayer. Praise will keep giving fuel to your faith Romans 4:20-21. It would help keep your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2 ” Looking unto Jesus … Standing on God’s word and praising Him for victory based on His promises is the solution to anxiety and weakness. Before you engage in praise be sure you have hidden God’s word in your heart. It is the only way to stand in faith and praise your way into victory. The word is our praise book. Many people cannot praise because they don’t know what is in the book. If you can know what God’s word says, you will march through life victoriously singing the praises of God.

2 Corinthians 4:4Every blindness is removed from my life, every chain is broken, barriers uprooted, doors of favour are opened in Jesus name. Jesus took the bitter drink and took bitterness out of my life therefore whatever Jesus has finished cannot finish me. Whatever remains to be manifested in my life this year will come forth, whatever cannot be found in Christ departs from my life today. God begins to pour out the anointing of His presence on my life, on my family. The anointing will enable me to do the impossible because I will see into the realm of the invisible. God will give me a miracle this year that will wipe away all previous losses in my life. The way Joshua commanded the sun to stand still, I declare the sun of this year will not set until God has fulfilled my heart’s desire.

ISAIAH 10:27
A yoke is an invisible but tangible negative spiritual or supernatural barrier to life and progress. Today all barriers against your life shall be broken and destroyed. A yoke makes a man sweat without results and brings the result of one year in ten years. Declare that today marks the end of disappointments in your life, every vicious circle is broken, declare that there is an end to wrong people in your life, declare an end to sorrows and tears. Declare an end to
– yoke of unending battles
– yoke of consistent ailment
– yoke of stagnation
– yoke of barrenness and disappointments
– yoke of inability to produce results
– yoke of untimely death
– yoke of traditional incapacitation or cultural incapacitation