I believe that if we have more understanding of worship we can receive in Christ all we need for a life of joy, strength and victory. There is a heavenly sanctuary now open to which we have access, where Jesus beckons us to enter and take our place beside Him in the presence of the Almighty God.

It is possible to be a professed Christian who have never been led to the presence of Christ. Many have been led to a church, a personality, a doctrine or a particular spiritual emphasis but have never groaned in their heart like Apostle Paul, “That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection …”

Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. The Way is not a set of doctrines or principles but a person. The Truth is not to know and agree with certain spiritual facts but following and being discipled by a person. It is quite possible to know all truth and still be foolish, disobedient and out of God’s will. Someone once said, ‘It is not knowing the book of the law that matters but the Lord of the book” The Lord of the book is Jesus Christ the wisdom of God.

Only in the presence of Jesus Christ can we truly be enlightened – in His light we see light, in His presence we gain revelation knowledge and wisdom. In our technologically advanced culture, staggering amounts of knowledge and information is readily available on Internet; there is increased secularism, humanism, materialism and relativism [no absolute standard of conduct]. This is the reality of our time, it demands that we seek wisdom from the one described as the wisdom and power of God, the Sun of Righteousness who arises with healing in His wings, whose light causes us to grow up and go forth.

Our quest is to access true wisdom availabe in His presence, this is possible through right relationship with God which leads to right fellowship with other men. In His presence we discern the right responses to a rapidly changing world; we become rooted and achored securely for whatever the future holds. In His presence we receive the strength to walk the path of obedience that is often difficult but always worth the effort.

The wisdom of God we seek is not measured by intellectual prowess but perfection of character [read James 3:13-17]. Only God’s presence can change us, cleanse us from bad habits, purify our bloodline and inherited traits. If we are to succeed with God, we must learn the discipline of staying in His presence, His presence will reveal sin but this is never to judge or condemn us. If we humble ourselves to confess and repent and keep a tender conscience before the Holy Spirit, He will give us strength and boldness and discipline to do what is right.

Many walk in intellectual knowledge and emotional excitement but commit spiritual immorality and abortion because the spiritual seeds planted in them are never carried to full term. Intellectualism and spiritual emotionalism can make people so self focused that they loose sight of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus does not need us to hype for Him, He did not hype or manipulate, neither did He try to keep people emotionally excited; Jesus wants to reach our very core, our heart. What our soul needs more that anything is revelation of Jesus Christ. This is our hearts cry as we worshp and wait before Him today – Lord enlighten my darkness, give me wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you.

PRAYER – Matthew 17:1-2 Lord reveal yourself as Priest and King on the throne and prepare me to see more of your glory.